Coffee Monster™ Value Proposition

Coffee Monster™ is a local app that aims to connect coffee lovers with coffee shops by equipping coffee shops with a mobile ordering solution. The App allows customers to discover new spots, order and pay ahead of time, and collect loyalty.

  • Overview
  • Setup is FREE and there are no contracts.
  • You can ‘go live’ using any Apple or Android device on which the Coffee Monster™ app can be installed.
  • The solution comprises a user and merchant interface, which interact with each other in real time.
  • Customers can easily find your store through our location services.
  • Orders are timed using geo-location services or scheduled time to facilitate an on-the-go service.
  • Orders are paid for through the App and settled on a weekly basis.
  • You can be up and running within a day of submitting your application.
  • We have embraced industry leading trends on checkout such as 'drop off at my car’ and ‘deliver to me (within walking distance).’ Functionality can be configured to meet your customer service needs.
  • We charge 15% of the total order value (excluding tips). This figure includes bank fees.
  • Loyalty is embedded in our community loyalty programme. The free cup is sponsored by the merchant processing it and the sponsoring merchant is advertised on the customer’s home screen until their next free cup is redeemed.


Many coffee shops are moving toward a mobile and customer-centric experience. Apps are difficult for merchants to build and maintain, and users don’t want to install an app for every coffee shop they may visit, or shops they may only visit once or twice. Our approach is to build one large coffee shop community all under the same app.

Customers are able to:

  • Discover new stores nearby or in a particular area
  • Order and pay through the app
  • Select their preferred method of collection, which is store-specific. These include: pick-up, sit-in, drive-by, and delivery within walking distance
  • Choose a delivery time based on a geo-estimate or selected schedule delivery time
  • Collect loyalty for coffee orders across our community
  • Rate their experience

Coffee merchants are able to:

  • Provide a convenient, contactless service to customers
  • Expose their brand to our coffee community via a live map and list
  • Prioritize orders based on the customer’s proximity or desired pick-up time
  • Easily identify customers and know their preferred name
  • Offer a transparent and accessible loyalty programme to customers

Customer Journey

Discover ‘Monster Spots’

We aim to have merchants in major cities across South Africa. We have commenced rollout in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, and Port Elizabeth.

The merchants are displayed on a location based list and geo location map as shown below.

Coffee Monster spots near you screen
Coffee Monster Spot locations screen

Order & Pay

The menu is created as per your requirements. Menu items and prices focus on coffee, other hot beverages, cold beverages, snacks, and merchandise - typically “grab and go” items. Collection options are displayed on checkout. The app allows us to configure which methods you will allow: pick-up, drive-by, and delivery within walking distance (with the ability to customise your delivery radius). Preparation time is customised to your preferred notification period. The customer will select geo-estimate or scheduled time, after which the app will count down and notify your barista when to start preparing the order.

Customers load their card on first checkout after which these details are stored with the FNB payment switch and accessed via a token for future orders. The payment is made securely ahead of time, which removes the need for QR payment based solution, cards, or cash. The registered merchant for the card transactions is My Moco, Trading as Coffee Monster.

Coffee monster checkout screen
Coffee monster order & pay screen
Coffee Monster App Loyalty and rewards screen


Internationally loyalty is transcending to a ‘top of mind’ offering whereby customers are rewarded for simply tagging stores despite where their order is placed. Coffee Monster™ has a community based loyalty programme. Customers earn a loyalty point with every coffee order. Once they have earned 10 points the next coffee is free at any store on the app. The free cup is sponsored by the merchant processing it and in return we advertise the merchant on the customer’s home screen until their next free cup is redeemed.  Loyalty applies to coffee only.

Customer Rating

On completion of the order the customer is asked to rate their experience. We will provide you with this feedback.

Images of 1.) the Profile page which displays Loyalty, and 2) the Ratings page which is displayed after the order, are shown below.

Merchant Journey

The interaction in-store is tracked through a merchant-side app. Tellers, baristas, and/or managers can access the app via a smartphone or tablet. This can be run in the background of any other applications running on the device and can be set up for multiple devices.

Coffee Monster order page screenshot

Interactive notifications are sent between you and your customer throughout the order process. For example, when an order comes in, you are notified immediately and you accept the order.  This will notify the customer that the order has been accepted. 

Coffee Monster order received screenshot

The order will move automatically from ‘new order’ to ‘to be prepared’ based on your pre-specified time frame. The barista or teller will then pass the order through the process. All subsequent status updates are sent to the customer.

Merchant Set-up

Merchant setup requires completing our application form and providing us with your menu and logo. Menus are currently set up in our App backend by the Coffee Monster™ team. Coffee Monster™ currently runs as a standalone application on a device. Stores require:

  • An Apple or Android device on which Coffee Monster™ will run. The device can be a tablet or Smartphone. 
  • A stable Wifi or data connection to receive orders’ communication within the App.
  • An email address for the Barista which is used to log in and access the merchant app.
  • A specified email address to which daily orders and weekly reports are sent.

Point of Sale

We aim to integrate POS systems in the future. In some cases, our existing merchants have asked their POS service providers to create a checkout tab for Coffee Monster™ orders and log the information when an order is being prepared or at the end of the day. We have created a “Daily Orders” tab to assist with this. In addition, the detailed order and reconciliation report can be used to track and audit all orders processed through Coffee Monster™. 

Fee Structure

We charge 15% of the total order value (excluding tips) which includes all bank transaction fees. Your costings must also consider the loyalty programme described above. We currently settle merchants weekly on a net basis (less loyalty redeemed and the 15% coffee monster fee).


We send a detailed reconciliation report of all transactions, tips, and loyalty earned and redeemed. Daily reports can also be extracted through the merchant app, and sent to a dedicated email address.

We ultimately envisage being able share rich data and valuable insight into customer spend patterns and behaviour in order to help you to service your customer better.


We will courier marketing collateral (download cards and table talkers) to assist with educating and reminding customers about the new, convenient service you’re offering.

Our marketing to users primarily centers on push notifications, Facebook, Instagram, and promoters. We use these channels to push our App as well as your brand with your consent .

In Conclusion

Coffee Monster™ app is available for download for iOS and Android and we would welcome the opportunity to do a live demonstration.