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Coffee Monster x OKJA promo!

Coffee Monster OkJa promo

DATE: 1 July - 1 August 2020

*Please note: Due to the national lockdown the promotional date might be postponed #TBC

OFFER CUSTOMERS: Upgrade your Flat White to OKJA at no extra charge.

Co-Brand: OKJA Oat M*lk

How it will work:

You will receive FREE stock: OKJA will send you stock at no charge to the equivalent stock used for the promo

i.e. for every 4 Oat Milk Flat Whites sold through the app.

Please Note:

If you don't yet use OKJA Oat Milk and are interested in trying it out: OKJA will sell to you a case of 12L but offer you a credit note if it sells through the promo. Please contact admin[at] to get started.

If you are not yet a Monster Spot follow the link here. Quick and easy!

Download some FREE social media content here. You are welcome!

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Coffee Monster OkJa App upgrade promo

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