Merchant: How To Guide

Login and go online.

Enter your stores Username and Password.

Press the pink ‘GO ONLINE’ button.

Coffee Monster login page

Step 01

Press ‘OK’ when a new order comes in.

This tells the customer that you have seen the order. The order will move to 'New Orders.' Here you will see a timer, which counts down and a time-stamp for when the customer wants their order.

Note: if a customer cancels, the order will disappear. To confirm, you can check 'daily orders' and you will see it under 'cancelled'


Wait until the order automatically moves to

‘To be prepared’.

Please DO NOT start making the coffee until it moves to this block. This will happen when the customer is 5 minutes away if they selected 'sit-in', 'collect', or 'drop off at car' option OR It will happen 15 minutes before a customer needs their delivery if they have selected 'deliver to me (within walking distance)' 

Note: if a customer is nearby or wants their delivery ASAP, the order will go straight 'To be prepared' rather than wait in 'New Orders'

Step 02

Open the order and notify the Barista to prepare the order.

Press the green button to move the order to ‘In Progress’ This tells the customer that you're making their order

Step 03

Open the order again and press the green button to move it to ‘Ready for Collection’ 

This tells the customer that their order is ready for pick-up OR that the order is on its way to the customer. 

Note: if a customer has arrived, they may send you a notification. In this case you will hear another sound and the order will turn pink- please follow up on this as priority to avoid disappointing a customer.

Step 04

Once you have given the customer their coffee, click on the order and press ‘Collected’

If they do not collect the coffee please select 'Not Collected'. Please record a reason and indicate if the customer should be refunded.


We automatically sign you out of the app and send you daily reminders to login >>> soon, we will start logging you in automatically. 

Please note: if you click the pink 'GO OFFLINE' button on the top right hand corner, customers will not be able to order from your store. However, if you select 'User Logout' on drop down from the top left hand corner, this will only log out particular user - the store will remain online.

Coffee Monster celebration image


● Ensure that the notification settings on each tablet are set to 'loud' and 'persistent'

● We can load your personal account with loyalty points so you can test the flow without making payments. Let us know the email address that you use to create a customer profile.

● To keep track on your POS:

  • Ask your POS company to create a Coffee Monster account as they have done for snapscan/zapper etc.
  • You will see a ‘daily orders’ tab on your merchant screen. This keeps track of all orders so your staff can simply enter the information into the
  • POS when the order jumps to ‘​be prepared​’ OR when they have a moment.
  • We settle you weekly with a detailed recon report and you can extract a report from any start to end date.