No crowds, no queues. Just convenience for you.

Order & Pay with Coffee Monster
Order & Pay

Each time you order from a Coffee Monster™ merchant your personal order will be ready and waiting– just the way you like it.

Coffee Monster Loyalty

With every coffee purchase you earn a loyalty point. Earn 10 points and you can order your next coffee for FREE at any store on the app.

Discovery coffee shops with Coffee Monster

You will be able to search for stores along a route or in a particular area to discover new speciality coffee shops.

About our App

Whether you are in a morning rush, afternoon slump or simply need to get your coffee fix on-the-go, Coffee Monster™ makes experiencing your favourite beverage easy and convenient. A simple Coffee Monster™ account allows you to order and pay for your beverage from your favourite barista or discover a new spot, while collecting loyalty across all stores. Our location service will notify the barista when to have your beverage ready so that you can pick it up – or have it delivered to your car or office – in the blink of an eye.

Get your fix in any of these ways

Barista Service On-The-Go

  • Caffiends
  • Beastly Barista

Coffee Lovers


Don’t queue for your brew

Don’t have time to wait for your order? Order through the Coffee Monster™ app and we will have your beverage ready for you when you arrive.


CoffeeMonster™ Points

Earn Coffee Monster™ loyalty points and collect a free coffee for every 10 purchases.


Barista Buddies

Coffee Monster™ allows baristas to get to know you a little better. Being a regular means they can improve their service to you – and even offer you a special or two!


Pay, Track, and Deliver

You order and pay for your beverage in advance. Select Geo-estimate or Scheduled Time and our countdown service will let the barista know when you are nearby to make sure your order is ready to pick up - freshly made and just the way you like it.


Jo On The Go

If you’re on the road and want to find a barista, the app will provide you with a list of local favourite baristas nearby. From unexpected road trips to regular meet-ups – Coffee Monster™ has you covered.

Beastly Barista


Reach new customers

Expose your store to our coffee community via a live map and list 

Increase sales

Reach more customers by taking the guess-work out of ordering time, and provide new customers with a quick and easy way to buy your products.

Easy and efficient

The Coffee Monster™ app makes it easy and efficient to process orders. You are able to trade immediately by simply downloading the Merchant App and using it to receive orders to prepare. The handy countdown service will help ensure you have their beverage ready on time, just the way they like it.

Improve customer service

Provide a convenient service to customers through leading industry trends: global ‘skip the queue’; ‘local’ drop off at my car’; and ‘deliver to my office (within walking distance)’. The option can be configured to meet your customer service needs. 

Loyalty programme

Offer a transparent and accessible electronic loyalty programme to customers.

Follow the two easy steps to

become a Monster Spot (Merchant)

1. Fill out and submit our online application form.

2. Download the app on any device in-store. We will send you a merchant login to ’GO ONLINE’ and start accepting orders.

Congrats - your are now an official Monster Spot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Coffee Monster™ app available for download

Order your daily dose on the go. Download the Coffee Monster™ app for iOS or Android to avoid queuing for the brewing.

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